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New Clanfriends - >JFF< - Just For Fun

Post  Hobbit@mp3. on Wed Aug 06, 2014 7:35 am

Hello guys!
Been a while since something has been posted on here, so here's some news!
Since we recently have been playing a lot on the JFF server, I asked Guuzz if he would like to become clanfriends along with us. Happy to say that he did! Now we are clanfriends Smile

If you guys haven't registered on their forum, take a look - I am happy to say that they are all very welcoming when it comes to new people, and if you guys are looking for a bit of fun during the evenings, they have a funhour that begins at 9pm GMT0. The funhour actually lasts longer and sometimes lasts until 1am depending on the amount of players.

If you haven't played there yet, here is the server link - click me or when you load ET, do /connect in the console to connect! They also have a Sniper server, a Trickjump server and a Teamspeak server which we have been using ! Smile

Also, I have donated €20 towards their server, from the clan! Every little helps haha!

Any questions, let me know!
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