Micko's Apply ;)

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Micko's Apply ;)

Post  Micko:] on Tue Mar 01, 2011 1:05 pm

Hello all im Micko!!!
so i wanna join Panini* here is my application :

Your Age:11
In-Game Name:K2K*
Past In-Game Names:B-3127.mk,<<|JBC*CoCa-CoLa...
Past Clans:-HeLL' , <<|JBC* , EFc|.
Why do you want to join Panini*? just to play for fun!
Why do you think Panini* is the clan for you? cuz i like to eat fod like Panini !!!
How long do you play the game? 2 years
Country: Serbia
First name :Milutin
Last name :Jovanovic
Hobies : Volleyball,Playing Games : Call Of duty 1,4,5,6 , Wolfenstein ET, Pro Evolution Soccer 2010,Fifa 2011.


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Re: Micko's Apply ;)

Post  Hobbit@mp3. on Fri Mar 04, 2011 1:44 pm

I think we will give you a 2 week trial and see how you are getting on then Smile So for now you can wear the tag, but put a "@T" on the end of your nickname so we know you're in a trial Smile

Good luck! Smile
Panini* Clan Founder
Panini* Clan Founder

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