Happy new year guys and gals!!!

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Happy new year guys and gals!!!

Post  Saphira on Fri Dec 31, 2010 12:29 am

had quick look and couldnt see this topic so yea...

Happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!
dont drink too much!! Razz

i prob be on the server tonight as i try not drink Razz
wishing you all a happy new year Smile

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Re: Happy new year guys and gals!!!

Post  Hobbit@mp3. on Fri Dec 31, 2010 5:16 am

Hehe was gonna make this topic later on today Razz

Happy New Year everyone!
Hope ye all have a great 2011 and with Chris' and Aly's help we have a server that we can call home now! As well as that we can look forward to 2011 as we grow in numbers and friends!

Hope ye all drink tonight, but with moderation (I don't know him though Sad ) But stay safe and make sure ye make it home at the end of the night Very Happy

I shall be working from 2-6 today, once thats finished, I'll have dinner and then the cousins are coming over for the night. I shall be then babysitting with the sister and tomorrow will have work again! 10-2 and hope its quiet (who does shopping on new years day? Very Happy ) haha yeah enough about me!

Tell me what ye're doing for New Years!
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