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We're here to inform you of a new tracking system for ET and other games.

Trackbase ( ) opened on 10.10.10 and could be seen as a new and improved version of Splatterladder. It has many new features and is a result of the combined ideas of tens of dedicated ET players.

The new features already implemented:

-New system for anti-name faking: the playlock, which means that you can be 100% sure you will not get faked.
-Your rating won't drop after 24-48 hours of inactivity but after 72 hours (3 days) and even then it will drop more slowly.
-New and improved system for modifying clanpage settings.
-New flags (it's also possible to request personal flags).
-New ranks in clan (Leader, Co-leader, Helping Hand, Warorga, Recruiter, Member, Trial, Inactive).
-Buddylist size has been increased from 10 to 15, with donations to 25.
-Favourite server list has been increased from 5 to 10, with donations to 20.
-You'll be able to reserve 5 nicknames instead of 2.
-Your rank in global toplist is updated every 10 minutes instead of 24 hours.
-Better way of calculating clan ratings.
-Possibility to check average rating ppm on player's sessions
-Clan-owner flag: your clan can now never be taken away from you.
-Longer gaming history - you can see which map you played over a week ago.
-Extended server information: option to see when the next map of any server will be loaded.
-More XP checkpoints during maps, meaning a more accurate score.
-No more bugs with ppm and total XP gained - if you get 900 xp in 30 minutes, it will be counted as 900 xp and not only ~750 xp.
-There is no PPM limit anymore. On Splatterladder, the actual limit is 2.25 x (average ppm), example: if the average ppm is 10 on the server and you did 30 ppm, well your 30 ppm will not count as 30 ppm but as 22.5 maximum since the limit is 2.25x avg ppm = 2.25 x 10(avg ppm) = 22.5 ppm maximum. So on Splatterladder, it doesn't matter if you have uber ppm because there is always a limit...
But on TRACKBASE, there is no limit! So NOW, you get what you deserve - more rating for more ppm.
-No more bugs with 2/3 of session length not achieved (even if you join when there is only 20 minutes left, you will get rated).

Features coming in the near future:

-More awards, suggestions topic here: Post your suggestions here
-Easy way to see Xfire addresses of clans/players.
-TB will track more games: Check topic discussion
-And more are coming...

The tracker runs on more powerful machines and what is most important - everyone's feedback on the forums will be considered and TB will be constantly improved. If you have a problem, we will help you, if you find a bug, we will fix it, and if you have a good suggestion for a new feature, we will use it.

As of now, over 110 clans have registered on TB and switched over, for example =F|A=, ETc|, {PRZ}, **/AK/**, [LZ], ctrl-, [TfL], $k@, Pro*, $F# and more... Check the clans registered here: Clan list!

If you try Trackbase and decide to start using it, it would be nice if you could make publicity for the new system on your server – add a banner with the tracker address or other things, on your forums, or even SL. Introduce TB to help make our community bigger.
It would be much appreciated if you talked about Trackbase to others.

Thank you, The Trackbase Team.


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