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Post  Goeie Dag eem aka Farmer on Sun Feb 21, 2010 1:02 am

Jo, here a nice spawntimer cfg which can help you in etpro when the enemy spawns.

// Spawntimer //

* Press LEFTARROW to select the enemies spawntime-intervall.
* When the enemy spawns press RIGHTARROW

set timerswitch "vstr timer10"
set timer10 "echo ^1SpawmTimer 10; set timerswitch vstr timer15; set timerexec vstr timerexec10; timerset; play sound/menu/select.wav"
set timer15 "echo ^1SpawmTimer 15; set timerswitch vstr timer20; set timerexec vstr timerexec15; timerset;play sound/menu/select.wav"
set timer20 "echo ^1SpawmTimer 20; set timerswitch vstr timer25; set timerexec vstr timerexec20; timerset;play sound/menu/select.wav"
set timer25 "echo ^1SpawmTimer 25; set timerswitch vstr timer30; set timerexec vstr timerexec25; timerset;play sound/menu/select.wav"
set timer30 "echo ^1SpawmTimer 30; set timerswitch vstr timer35; set timerexec vstr timerexec30; timerset;play sound/menu/select.wav"
set timer35 "echo ^1SpawmTimer 35; set timerswitch vstr timer10; set timerexec vstr timerexec35; timerset;play sound/menu/select.wav"
bind LEFTARROW "vstr timerswitch; play sound/menu/select.wav"
set timerexec "echo ^1No Spawntime set"
set timerexec10 "timerset 10"
set timerexec15 "timerset 15"
set timerexec20 "timerset 20"
set timerexec25 "timerset 25"
set timerexec30 "timerset 30"
set timerexec35 "timerset 35"
bind RIGHTARROW "vstr timerexec; echo ^1Spawntime SET; say_buddy ^0,- ^wenemy spawning ^0-'; play sound/menu/select.wav"

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